And other useful links for anyone proposing their first news group.

Start here:

Some commonly-held (mis)assumptions about alt.* and alt.config

Full FAQs:

The current favorite amongst alt.config regulars.

Two more excellent FAQs. Both unfortunately very out of date.

Tools and special purpose FAQs:

To check if a group already exists, construct a link from this template.[hierarchy]/[].gz



To validate a potential new newsgroup name, this tool written by Peter J Ross and now hosted here will check for many common problems.

To check propagation of your new group, this handy tool searches approximately fifty different news service providers at once.

If you are considering proposing a moderated news group, please read this FAQ first.

If you still think you want to go this route read both of these, then
re-read the first one!

Useful to proponents and a must read for future configers, a former maintainer of the ISC archives David "Tale" Lawrence discusses control messages.

For proposals that belong in the UK hierarchy: Please go bug these dudes.

A page similar to this one with a few links I don't have.

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